'If the adulterated (fake) honey is labelled as ‚Äúpure honey‚ÄĚ, what does a consumer do?'
'We are keenly aware of the severe policy uncertainty facing agriculture in the form of expropriation without compensation (EWC).'
'By now it should be clear that looking and waiting on the government for services and provision does not work.'
'Farmers are not making enough money because they are selling their harvests for a low cost, and it costs a lot more to grow the crops.'
'South Africa urgently needs to rethink its existing agricultural model.'
'This is the ideal time to harness Africa’s innovation potential and mobilise our people to act.'
And it's getting millennials interested in farming.
Agricultural progress should be promoting an inclusive, nonracial society ‚Äď but choosing the most effective beneficiaries of land reform is crucial.
"Black farmers have been excluded from the formal markets because their produce is too small."
A review is in order, as the country contemplates improving its painfully slow land-reform programme.