What's next for Ahmadinejad? With his villainous charm and strident views, the former Iranian leader is bound to have a raft
His wild rants to the United Nations and capture of "invading" British sailors might be how President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has volunteered to be the first Iranian in space following the successful launch of a monkey
This is definitely the worst time for our parliament to send any delegation to Iran. It would weaken our international stand and send mixed signals just when sanctions are starting to work and the mullahs feel they have to start paying a price for their constant violation of international obligations.
An Iranian news agency with ties to the government has mistakenly reported a spoof story that rural white Americans would
Iran has unveiled a new surface-to-surface ballistic missile called the 'Conqueror', in what the country's President Mahmoud
George Bernard Shaw used to say that political necessities sometime turn out to be political mistakes. As things stand in ongoing negotiations between the West and Iran, this seems to be the parallel for what is going to happen in yet another round of talks later this month in Russia. Let us consider the current balance of actions.
Will there be an Israeli attack before the new blockade sanctions apply on 1 July 2012, or a US/UK attack after? It depends who wins the argument.
LibDems - the triumph of smugness over ability.
From the point of view of nuclear deterrence this was ideal. A president who could be counted upon to order a nuclear strike, or one who could be counted on to refrain from ordering one, could be out manoeuvred. A president who was apparently irrational could not be.
Iran is the second largest oil producer in the Middle East and holds 10% of world reserves. Some oil analysts believe that supplies of oil are already tight due to South East Asian demand and strong demand in Europe and USA. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are producing to maximum capacity and they cannot do a lot in the short term.
Iran has carried out tests specific to "the development of a nuclear device", the UN's atomic watchdog has reported. The