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No one can deny that the UK government had ample warning that hurricane Irma, a Caribbean storm of unprecedented force, was heading for British territories. Comments by Mrs May and her cabinet, scapegoating rules on aid, are an unedifying attempt to distract from the government's inadequate preparedness.
Humility is required, but Britain's generous approach to international aid can be a pillar underpinning whatever new course the UK ends up taking in the world. It wasn't pressure from the EU that led the UK to achieve the 0.7% target - that was home-grown. So, leaving the EU doesn't have to mean a bleak future for Britain's international aid.
If this government were to use its power to ban such unjust practices and address inequality at its core, it would boost developing nations' public finances, which could be spent by their governments on their own sustainable development. But until that day, the Labour Party stands solidly behind maintaining 0.7%.
On 13th June, the UK Parliament will debate the proposition that the government's approach to foreign aid is flawed. This
What would be madness is slashing the very budget focused on tackling the gross poverty, instability and insecurity that threatens our national and global security, drives people to flee their countries to drown in the Mediterranean, but most importantly - degrades us all as human beings.
Yvette Cooper and Nicola Sturgeon have both offered to put up some of the Syrian refugees set to be taken in by the UK. The
Please join me in this call to ensure our leaders step up to the mark and fulfil their promise, it's time politicians keep their promise to 0.7% by enshrining it UK law - a moment that we can hopefully look back on someday and celebrate as a nation for years to come.
Updated 15:25, 30 April 2013: Oxfam comments The UK's direct aid to South Africa will end in 2015, International Development
The United Kingdom should divert one third of its £8bn foreign aid to the military and scrap the department of international
David Cameron is to appear on one of the US's most influential TV shows to "bang the drum for Britain" and encourage Americans