Air Force

Paper aeroplanes are one of those things that should be fun, light and innocent, but are also subject to incredibly intense
This is a video of Danish F16 fighter jets flying over the glaciers of Greenland. It is not a video of X-Wing Fighters flying
I'm still driven by the same instincts to be better and to help develop others, but success is not defined in terms of survival anymore. It's not defined by a badge, a rank or a medal; it's about something so much more important than that, something more personal, something intangible.
The Red Arrows pilot who was killed after being ejected from his aircraft while on the ground has been named by the Ministry
From Tuesday, September 20th, gay men and women will be able to serve openly in the US military for the first time in history.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Military veterans and their families are due to gather for a service to mark the 90th anniversary of