air quality

Air pollution in Europe is causing nearly half a million premature deaths every year, according to a concerning new report
The Government has made a positive start in improving air quality and encouraging green alternatives. But it needs to be more ambitious. It should drive forward this agenda whatever the outcome of the court case.
Last week, ordinary Londoners from all walks of life and from the north, south, east and west of the city got together to
The hole over the ozone layer is finally healing according to new research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A
A grieving mother has described the "horrendous" asthma attack - she suspects caused by air pollution - that killed her daughter
The current system isn't working and status quo is not an option. The government needs to stop being the mouthpiece of industry and get on with the job of protecting the British people. It's time to deal with this invisible killer once and for all.
The UK Government must come clean on what they knew and move quicker to end uncertainty for drivers.
Our current political leaders, whether we support them on other matters or not, must not abdicate themselves from showing the leadership the world so desperately needs.