airport expansion

With no indication the government intends to reject airport expansion proposals at Gatwick and Heathrow, ratification begins to look like empty symbolism. Either that or the Prime Minister simply doesn't understand the agreement on which she is about to put pen to paper.
For now though, we can only hope that the government will make the right choice for British business and the economy in general, by taking a proper look at airport expansion in the South East.
Andrew Neil has used the latest sign-off on his weekly current affairs programme to offer some cutting criticism of Tory
An ad-hoc party spilled out, placard-wielding polar bears scooted across the terminal on luggage trolleys, the softhearted action, which the bears said was 'testing the waters', had a clear message - 'no new runways', not in Heathrow, and not anywhere.
London City Airport sits in the heart of London's famous Royal Docks. The airport of the Square Mile residing in one of London's poorest communities has always struck me as a tad peculiar.
Boris Johnson, mayor of London, publicly denounced the government's decision to delay the publication of a crucial report
So just what has changed in the Heathrow debate, apart from the increasingly febrile political atmosphere? Supporters of the third runway (R3) claim our economy will be disastrously damaged if it doesn't proceed. But few supporting facts are put forward. This is not surprising, because the evidence is thin indeed.
Sixteen people have been arrested after a protest at an airport, police said. Activists went on to the runway at Southend
Given the Conservatives' blanket opposition to expansion at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, and their conscientiously-crafted