Soleimani is one of the most powerful figures in the Middle East.
A renewed onslaught of bombing in Syria’s besieged Eastern Ghouta enclave has wreaked havoc in the region, killing nearly 200 people.
Eight-year-old Abbas should be out playing with his friends. Instead he’s mourning his three younger sisters, who were all
Western involvement in foreign lands kills innocent individuals, urging some to leave behind rational thought and support or participate in ISIS' endeavours. The number of likely volunteers is growing rapidly and, undeniably, the West continues to produce more. Neglecting to pay attention to the aforementioned caution will only bolster ISIS' footholds.
The notion that we will indiscriminately bomb innocent civilians is ridiculous. We will be using Brimstone missiles - these are very precise, concentrated strikes that minimize the risk of collateral damage. Even the US does not have military capabilities as precise as ours. So, at the margin, our decision to join in with the coalition-led airstrikes campaign in Syria will not only weaken ISIS, but will help spare civilian lives while doing so.
A damaged house is seen at a Turkmen village in the Bayirbucak region of Lattakia, Syria. Areas in Bayirbucak where Assad
Comedian Frankie Boyle has penned a stinging riposte to MPs who voted for airstrikes in Syria this week, in a damning assessment
Britain should help defend Kurds in Iraq and Syria, for instance, and undermine Daesh ahead of a comprehensive solution in Syria, whose nightmare has persisted for four years and may well continue. Britain should not hide its head in the sand by failing to play a fuller part in defeating the menace of Daesh, and bolstering the Kurdistan Region.
Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey are routinely cited in debates on the humanitarian crisis caused by Daesh but large numbers of