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Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's sectarian policies backfired dramatically last week as, confronted with just a few thousand jihadist fighters, his army fell apart.
If the murderers do turn out to be Muslims, then they are guilty of committing genocide, as per the teachings of their own faith, for the Quran clearly states that taking even one human life unjustly equates to the killing of all humanity.
Despite the tremendous amount of respect which I have for the British Broadcasting Corporation, I couldn't help wondering
At long last anti-aircraft weapons are getting through to the rebels. The Free Syrian Army fighters have recently made significant successes on the ground and managed to shoot down five fighter jets including a military helicopter in the space of two days.
I urge the Free Syrian Army to release the Iranian hostages unharmed and without prior conditions.
The contents of top secret Syrian security documents are to be broadcast on Arabian news channel, Al Arabiya. The documents
On April 23rd, 2012 a series of crippling cyber-attacks were waged against the social media outlets of the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya News Channel.
It was close to mid-night when followers of the Twitter-feed of Al-Arabiya, one of the leading satellite news channels in the Middle East, began noticing a series of controversial news post relating to the State of Qatar.
Kofi Annan's initiative is in trouble. The Syrian regime declared its acceptance of the UN sponsored plan on March 27th 2012. The main requirement of the plan is the pulling back of the Syrian troops from Syrian cities by April 10th and all fighting to stop within 48 hours after that.. There is no chance of that.
Most Arab States and Arab media have chosen to remain silent about the brutal crackdown by the Syrian regime against unarmed