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Hollywood has a history of casting South Asians as Middle Easterns, erasing both identities as we aren't interchangeable. Disney has made a huge mistake with casting Naomi Scott but it isn't Disney's mistake alone.
Little Mix fans will be disappointed to learn Jade Thirlwall has missed out on a part in Disney’s live action remake of ‘Aladdin
To suggest that the inability to find an actor to play Aladdin is due to the difficulty involved in finding someone of Middle-Eastern/South Asian heritage who can act, sing and dance registers, to me, as the racial equivalent of the man who blames all of womankind for his inability to find a girlfriend. Maybe, love, the problem isn't them - it's you.
Hopefully, Disney will follow Twitter's lead and continue its effort to be a tad more accurate than the rest of Hollywood
'If the film industry can actively seek out Middle Eastern actors to portray terrorists, it shouldn't be this difficult finding one for Aladdin.'
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