Alain Juppe'

Traumatised by terrorist attacks, depressed by continued economic malaise, desensitised to political scandals, France desperately needs someone who can channel the powerful spirit of de Gaulle, who was caricatured by the magazine Le Canard Enchaîné as the Sun King, Louis XIV. Of the current crop, Alain Juppé looks most able to wear the crown.
Europe is already on life support, if a Frexit referendum would to go ahead it would be on death row. The EU without Britain is a catastrophe, the EU without France is Armageddon. The European project would cease to exist. What would then happen in the vacuum that ensues is food for thought, and is a thought that some of the big guns, like Putin must be eyeing with glee.
Thousands of mourners are attending the funeral of the four victims of Monday's attack on a Jewish school in France. The
She may be one of the world's most powerful people (official) - but that's not going to stop us gently taking the mickey
If the aim of the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 was to protect civilians by all necessary means, then this should include the removal of Gaddafi from Libya.
While Alain Juppé denied holding "direct" negotiations with Col Gaddafi's regime, he confirmed Libyan officials were in communication