Alan McGee

If this is what happens after just three months, the end of this government term may make Thatcherism seem like a kiddies' tea party - except it won't be much of of a party, as more people will come to rely on food banks, more will be made homeless or die due to austerity, which will increase, more vulnerable and disabled people will be forced to look for work that doesn't exist and the NHS will be further pillaged and stripped of value.
Labour needs to start listening to the people again. Instead, Scottish Labour managed to find someone with even less personality than Ed Miliband, which is really saying something. The fact he has announced he is staying as leader in Scotland should be interesting and even more disastrous - self-serving even in defeat.
These are men of the north country, a happy band of brothers who have staked their future on one roll of the dice. Or so it would seem were it not for the man who has stepped in to back the musical endeavours of Manchester-based band, Alias Kid. 
One in 50 of the Scottish population is now an SNP member, and that is remarkable, and was a figure unachievable before Eck took control again. The only way to change things politically is to take the battle into the streets, and that is why the SNP will win. All of us have a part to play at the GE next year, no matter how small or insignificant we think it is.
What have the Romans ever done for us? It's one of the funniest Monty Python routines and it is still relevant - it's the oldest and the newest complaint in politics. Now we have Alan McGee getting in on the act in a recent blog.
Scotland has been completely ignored in this so called debate. It is just another spat between the Westminster parties. Scotland is watching. And those that voted no a few weeks ago won't be fooled or frightened again.
The priority now is to build up the SNP, make sure it gets a big majority in the next election and then have another referendum.
The SNP membership is up by 75,000 since the vote and already people across Scotland are planning for how we can obtain independence as quickly as possible. When 71% of teenagers vote yes, it is only a matter of time... and how. If anyone seriously believes this matter is finished, it isn't far from it.
Social media is already alive and dangerous, as more and more Scots who have been galvanised by the referendum, are going to keep up the need for change. They have stood up, and they will be counted.
People are waking up, and the BBC and the Labour Party can't stop them. History is within Scotland's grasp, a beautiful and inspiring climax; self-determination is possible. If it's a YES, we can see a great renaissance and a new age in Scotland. Maybe the next Alan McGee of the 21st Century won't have to go to London to make his mark in the world, and I believe in that.