Alan Partridge film

It's fair to say when you spend so much time with teammates on tour there's bound to be certain quirks you notice. Lukas
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa The weight of expectation around the Alan Partridge Movie, or 'Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa' to
Fictional DJ Alan Partridge told fans: "This film is my love letter to Norwich" as he premiered his new movie in his favourite
With all the slips and sudden exits taking their toll on the seedings at this year's Wimbledon, what we really need is some
Alan Partridge is firing on all cylinders, thanks to French backers signing on for his big screen outing. StudioCanal have
Armando Iannucci has revealed the highly anticipated Alan Partridge movie will see the hapless presenter doing battle with
Knowing me, filming you! Aha! Yes, attention all Steve Coogan fans. The Alan Partridge movie that we've been tempted with
Steve Coogan has revealed he's enjoyed reuniting with Pete Baynham and Armando Iannucci for the upcoming Alan Partridge film