Alastair Darling

The Scottish Independence Referendum is drawing to a close. Many questions remain unanswered, but there is one question that sticks out. What currency would an independent Scotland use?
Campaign chairman Alistair Darling also said he will launch a new poster campaign in Greenock tomorrow featuring Scots who
Alistair Darling has written off the Scottish Government's formal prospectus for independence before it has even been published
Alistair Darling has strongly criticised the German government's policies towards recovery in the eurozone, suggesting a
Labour steered our economy on unsustainable growth and straight into the biggest economic bust in living memory. Despite Labour's protests to the contrary, their staggering deficit was not the product of a mythical global economic crisis.
The launch of the "Better Together" campaign to reject outright Scottish independence has come at an interesting moment. Last
The outgoing head of the financial services regulator has claimed that the run on Northern Rock in 2007 could have been avoided
Serious issues surrounding accountability are likely to emerge due to the increasing powers of the Bank of England and the
Former chancellor Alistair Darling has warned of the "immense" economic difficulties Scotland would face if it voted for