Alastair Stewart

The presenter revealed that he broke his hip after being knocked over by a horse.
Veteran broadcaster, 67, said that he made a “misjudgement which I regret”.
But Alastair Stewart keeps his cool.
In the hot summer of 2009, over lunch in St James’s Park, the then director of communications for the Conservative Party
Worldwide, 2.5billion people are excluded from financial security and the fruits of sound advice on how to better their material condition. The partner is Barclays, beset by problems at home yet doing amazing work here and elsewhere.
You may or may not bemoan the hosepipe ban, but, as you inevitably sip a glass of water with lunch or luxuriate in a bath or take a shower tomorrow, spare a thought for those for whom a fraction of that water could be the difference between life and death; and then do what you can to help.