Albert Einstein

While Silicon Valley execs were debating the likelihood of life being a simulation, a team of international physicists were
As much as you love your morning coffee for getting you through your daily commute, we’re pretty sure you don’t feel as strongly
My daughter was recently chastised for questioning a teacher - a trait I encourage and applaud but it's winning her no friends. And it's that fearless curiosity and interest in difference that builds creative thinking and innovation.
Kian Hamer is among the top 1% of intelligent people in the world.
An 11-year-old boy has become one of youngest ever members of Mensa after scoring an IQ higher than Albert Einstein and Professor
Einstein and his famous theory of gravity - general relativity - are once again in the news. The LIGO-Virgo collaboration announced yesterday 11th February that they had directly detected gravitational waves for the first time. This brought worldwide excitement to the field of science.
The waves were detected when two black holes collided with each other around 1.3 billion years ago. The discovery of gravitational
On November 25 1915, Albert Einstein presented his ground-breaking ideas about spacetime, shifting what scientists had always