Albert Einstein

Eastern New Mexico University - Dr. Henryk Frystacki, interviewed by Dr. Michael Shaughnessy 1. Dr. Frystacki, you have just
Stripped of his funny walk, bowler hat, moustache, umbrella and battered shoes, these stunning images show the real Sir Charles
Public interest around the globe is again focused on the CERN project in Geneva because of the disputed discovery of neutrinos that seemed to travel faster through Earth than light in a vacuum. Scientists seem to have successfully repeated this experiment.
WOKE early on my first alarm-free morning for two weeks. Didn't turn over, but got up, pulled back curtains, let the sun
The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded on Tuesday to Saul Perlmutter, Brian P. Schmidt and Adam G. Riess for their leadership of the teams that discovered the apparent "accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae" in 1998.
All the country's attention was on the unedifying site of two scrawny kids wrestling with each other in front of a baying
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- British scientists are to investigate astounding results which suggest Einstein was wrong when he said
It is a concept that forms a cornerstone of our understanding of the universe and the concept of time – nothing can travel
While David Flory awaits trial, I can't help but be amused that the story about a physics professor running a prostitution ring has caused such a scandal. It seems to be the science thing