A woman who had struggled with substance addiction, and who also had read my book, was now involved with helping others in her field (health care) get the counseling they need.
The media, society and relaxed licensing laws all have a part to play in the rise in eating disorders or alcohol-related diseases, but I believe the problem goes much deeper than that. From my experience, recovery from addiction lies at our core - with those deep, painful feelings that drive us to drink, drugs or food - and not on the surface.
Alastair Campbell's Panorama documentary on Britain's Hidden Alcoholics was a refreshing attempt to draw attention to the complexity of our alcohol problem. The programme revealed the full range of alcohol consumption patterns, from ritualistic social drinking in working class pubs to professionals quaffing wine like it was water, often alone at home.
Health reform is perhaps the most divisive issue in Britain's government... and there is another health issue that the Prime Minister and the Health Secretary do not agree on: the new Alcohol Strategy, which is expected to be announced any day now. David Cameron wants a minimum price to be imposed on cheap supermarket alcohol, while Andrew Lansley prefers self regulation.
There is growing concern over the mental health of young people after figures show that nearly half of under-24s are suffering
Nearly 9,000 lives are claimed through excessive alcohol consumption, official figures have revealed. Shocking death toll
Soldiers fighting in Afghanistan are more likely to become alcoholics, the Ministry of Defence said on Monday. Research shows
Alcohol guidelines should be changed because there is no evidence to support previous claims that people could safely drink
It's always easier to see through the foibles of past generations, and much harder to view one's own reality with the same critical acumen. So I ask the reader to make an effort: try to view today's codependency culture with the eyes of future generations.
Child protection campaigners call police or social services six times a day with concerns that babies are in serious danger