Alexander Litvinenko

A coroner has written to the government to request a public inquiry in place of an inquest into the death of poisoned spy
The widow of poisoned spy Alexander Litvinenko on Friday accused a coroner of abandoning "his search for the truth about
The financial meltdown in Cyprus has re-surfaced longstanding allegations that Russian mafia money has been laundered through Cypriot bank accounts, converting cash from criminal sources into gleaming super-yachts in Limassol Marina. It's another apparent instance of Russian criminality stretching its tentacles into all manner of unlikely locations.
Russia's foreign and defence Ministers, Sergei Lavrov and Sergei Shoigu, arrive in London tomorrow for the first session of the UK-Russia Strategic Dialogue agreed between David Cameron and Vladimir Putin at the London Olympics last year.
On Monday 4 March a man called Sergei Magnitsky will go on trial in Moscow for fraud and tax evasion. If he's found guilty, it's not clear where Mr Magnitsky will serve his sentence, because he's been dead since 2009.
Sensitive evidence alleged to expose poisoned spy Alexander Litvinenko's ties to MI6 will be examined in secret, a coroner
Britain and Russia are conspiring to shut down the inquest into the death of Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko to preserve
Murdered former spy Alexander Litvinenko worked for MI6 as a double agent and was killed as an act of "state sponsored assassination
The poisoning of Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko would be "state-sponsored nuclear terrorism on the streets of London" if
A pre-inquest review will be held on Thursday into the death of a Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko who was poisoned with