Alexander the Great

Archaeologists have found the remains of a skeleton in an opulent tomb dating from the reign of warrior-king Alexander the
I recently attended a lunch where a former couple (of two men) introduced their third partner (also a man) as part of their 'thrupple'. It was not a term I had heard before but an arrangement that I certainly had. Someone suggested it was strange - a pejorative word - and I corrected them saying that it was unusual in this day but was not odd or strange.
What are we? English? Welsh? British? Are we bothered? Most of the time our "identity", national, religious or whatever, probably isn't at the top of our list of concerns. But sometimes circumstances come along which make us less secure in ourselves, less able to take our place in the world quite so much for granted.
Old folk are not welcome in politics. Just look at the ruthless decapitation of Ming Campbell by the Liberal Democrats, preferring to replace the old man with a "younger leader who might connect more with voters; look at the mud slung at John McCain around the fear that he might die in office.
A priceless collection of more than 7,000 ancient coins and other irreplaceable artefacts have been found missing from a