Alfie Moon

Kat Moon is to hit rock bottom in ‘EastEnders’ later this year, in dramatic scenes that will see her make an attempt to take
Alfie Moon’s world could be about to come crashing down around him in ‘EastEnders’, after police arrive to question him over
Alfie Moon, played by Shane Richie In dramatic scenes to be aired in a future episode, Alfie is at his wits end when he starts
‘EastEnders’ actor Shane Richie has revealed that he’d love to see Barbara Windsor reprise her role of Walford icon Peggy
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'EastEnders' Roxy Mitchell may have done the right thing when she let Alfie Moon go back to ex-wife Kat, but that won't make
But as all 'EastEnders' viewers know, Alfie will always love Kat and in the next episode of the show they will see him try
Will Kat stop the wedding? The 'EastEnders' love trial between Kat Moon, Alfie Moon and Roxy Mitchell is set to come to a
Alfie Moon will kiss his ex-wife Kat on the eve of his wedding to Roxy Mitchell, new 'EastEnders' spoiler pictures have revealed
NEW YORK - At a recent meet and greet held at midtown Britpub Churchill's here for Shane Richie, the actor schmoozed a few dozen stateside fans, some who traveled several hundred miles to speak with EastEnders' Alfie Moon, arguably the Queen Vic's favourite manager of all time.