You might be surprised to hear that chlorella is not some distant relative of Cinderella. In fact, it's a type of algae which
Spirulina has been knocking around on the planet for a long time, but it's only recently become a staple superfood in pantries
You may well have picked up the latest news from Toledo in Ohio, USA, where a severe toxic algal bloom - said to be at least in part due to industrial farm pollution - is causing havoc with local water supplies, leaving half a million people without safe drinking water.
The All Black rugby player had been locked in his room for days, shutting out all contact with friends, family and fellow players. It was 4am when he finally picked up the phone to call a helpline. The reply at the other end was simple, "hello friend". It started a process that led to therapy that has been helping to change the life of Brent Pope for many years.
Remember Crazy Straws? Well this is nothing like that. This is the Algaculture Symbiosis Suit which turns CO2 in your breath
Like a beautiful patchwork quilt of pink this algae farm looks not unlike an abstract painting from the air. The colour is
Imagine a substance that was strong and light enough to armour soldiers, flexible and conductive enough to be turned into
Surf's up! But wait, what's that red stuff? No, it's not ketchup and Jaws hasn't attacked - it's just algae. The marine plant
It looks like snow finally falling for a belated white Christmas, but the blizzard-like conditions decking the walls at the
More than 30 wild boars have been found dead on the banks of the Goussant estuary in Brittany over the past month. The cause