alice perry

Each year Labour's governing body, the National Executive Committee, can propose changes to the party's rules to be voted on at Labour Party Conference. Recently there has been increased interest in what any potential rule changes might be. People have speculated about whether these changes will be used to pursue various factional agendas or "settle scores". In reality, the rule changes we have spent the past year working on are designed to improve campaigning, communications and engagement through digital technology and Party Reform.
Labour faces an existential crisis. Now is not the time to repeat the mistakes of the past on steroids. Instead of just retreating to our comfort zones and talking to ourselves, Labour must demonstrate we are a serious, credible political party worthy of public support. Outside Westminster, Labour in local government does this every day.
'Time to take responsibility and end this, before it ends us'
Jeremy Corbyn should take urgent action to root out a new culture of “bullying intimidation” infecting the Labour party, a