alien worlds

Astronomers are looking for cancer. In space. Kinda. A report from the University of Cambridge points out that one of the
Astronomers have discovered water on a distant world the size of Neptune. The planet HAT-P-11b (natty name) is located in
A Nasa researcher has reportedly found the first Earth-sized planet in the 'Habitable' zone of another solar system. The
Nasa has announced the confirmed discovery of 715 new alien worlds in deep space. The so-called "mother lode" of planets
An alien world so similar to Earth that it's been described as our 'twin' has been discovered in deep space. The only differences
It's only been 20 years since the first one was discovered but the number of confirmed alien planets has smashed through
When it comes to exoplanets, it's generally worth not being all that surprised when something weird shows up. Firstly because
Three potentially habitable 'Super Earth' worlds have been found orbiting a triple-star system just 22 light years from Earth
Planets that orbit two suns at once are an image more familiar from Star Wars and science fiction, rather than science fact
A Lego fan has built a 200,000-brick alien city to celebrate "spirituality, peaceful ET contact and fantastical worlds". Mike