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Westminster's inward nature has locked the public out of the Brexit process – instead of putting words in their mouths, let's ask them what they want
Instead of continuing the hostile environment, we should remember our history. Immigration has made Britain strong, not weak
I have learned on doorstep after doorstep that we won’t persuade everyone but most Britons will be pragmatic and up for a compromise
Everyone wants the Chancellor to splash the cash.
Brexit constraints on the public purse mean Chancellor Philip Hammond will have less money to spend in today’s Budget, it
He wants Britain to remain in the single market.
The government must sit up and take notice of the Irish prime minister’s wish for the UK to stay in the single market after
More than 120,000 events were held across the country in memory of MP.
”My friend Jo loved a party.  And she loved boats.  So it’s only right that we should all drink beer and get on a boat.” Wirral
How was this allowed to happen? Horrendously we cannot avoid the conclusion that there is a view that some people in our country don't matter. That they don't count. This is inequality at its most brutal. From the reports, it seems that residents were not heard when they were worried. That the local authority seems to be demonstrating the traits of an arm of the state insufficiently concerned with the dignity of all people, no matter how rich or poor. I am not in west London, I am in Merseyside, but I recognise the anger of people who have been ignored until it's far, far too late.
Parliament is back, and so too is Commons People - the HuffPost UK Politics Podcast. This week, the team discuss Brexit meaning
Parliament is back, and so too is Commons People - the HuffPost UK Politics Podcast. This week, the team discuss Brexit meaning
  Jo Cox’s life had “real meaning” her friend Alison McGovern said today in an emotional tribute to her dead colleague. Addressing
This is just fiddling the figures. It's not economics, it's pure politics. The truth is that this is a hit and hope-for-the-best budget. He has knocked all of the tough decisions into the thickest long grass he can find, and has crossed his fingers that something will happen in the next few years to rescue him. It is a huge roll of the dice that undermines all of his empty words on security and responsibility.
George Osborne was left stumped today in Prime Minister’s Questions after being asked why refugee numbers were included in
Jeremy Corbyn has refused to commit to a policy of balancing the UK’s books over the economic cycle, Labour sources have
An MP has said she didn't know whether to "laugh or cry" at a sexist letter that told her off for, basically, appearing on