alistair campbell

In many respects, living with anxiety and depression is almost like carefully managing a simple fact of acceptance. Sometimes adjoined with depression, sometimes without, it is hard to live a life that is so inconsistent. To wake up in the morning, stir yourself from sleep and spend the next ten minutes testing the mind for signs that it may not be a good day.
News has broken that David Cameron is to set up his own personal Twitter account, much to the horror of the political journalists on the Telegraph. They tell me that Twitter is where all the "conversations" are happening so I suppose it makes sense to be part of it. But not everyone agrees. My cynical and unemployed friend Derek was unsurprisingly scornful.
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Alastair Campbell has written to the Cabinet Secretary to complain that David Cameron "slurred" him during prime minister's
Alistair Campbell has said New Labour would have been "crazy" not to try and court the Murdoch press in the run up to the
Alastair Campbell, the former Number 10 communications director, has said the "craft" of journalism is almost dead and ordinary
It took two weeks and three resignations before the Archbishop of Canterbury spoke out about Occupy London at St Pauls. Dr