Sources close to the ANC-led tripartite alliance said Thursday’s alliance political council was not as amenable as a later statement made it seem.
The tripartite alliance wants a judicial commission of inquiry into state capture to be brought to finality urgently and have taken it upon themselves to "reconfigure" the role of its members going forward.
The meeting marks the first time the leaders of the tripartite alliance gathered for a formal consultation since Zuma reshuffled his Cabinet in March.
A weak leader and internal strife are the major factors affecting the governing party's loss of support.
The SACP has been the ANC's thought leaders for decades ... but that seems to be changing and now they're considering going it alone.
Seeing as the SNP are politically left of Labour on many issues, the direction of a Labour-led alliance looks set to shift markedly to the left than it perhaps would have been with a Labour majority.
French authorities have named a man arrested on suspicion of carrying out recent gun attacks in Paris as Abdelhakim Dekhar
The man suspected of carrying out a shooting at a French newspaper has been arrested. The capture follows a city-wide manhunt