I never realised how much hair could impact someones life, because when you see someone who's lost their hair It's always a different feeling compared to actually experiencing it yourself. Only a few people knew about my alopecia, because I was too scared to tell anyone, I thought my friends would look at me different or treat me in a different way.
everybody banner Might sound obvious but at the time of losing my hair, I genuinely felt like I was the only bald woman, particularly of my age, in the world. I had nobody else that I could relate to and felt like a freak. If only I'd known that I was one of many ladies with alopecia.
I was saddened to see this week that the brilliant Gail Porter, the television presenter who has become equally well known for her excellent work raising awareness about the hair loss condition alopecia from which she suffers, had been heckled due to her hair loss.