I started getting a reputation for being quite good at working with couples, and couples come to me for all different reasons and at all different phases of their marriage.  I was able to take crisis couples and help them through the journey of whether they wanted to stay together or not...
Would you want to ensure that if something happens to you there is sufficient financial support in place to support your family? For a minute consider the following: If you were to die who would pay the mortgage? Who would pay the bills? Who would cover the loss of your income?
How easy is it to give the time and effort necessary to release anxiety and stress during the busy and emotionally charged Festive Season? Unrealistic expectations during the Festive Season only compound the emotional roller coaster at this time of year.
Be aware of why you are indulging in the drink or drugs. You may feel as if it's just what the doctor ordered. You feel free and uninhibited and are able to laugh for the first time in ages! Are you doing it simply because you are enjoying having a good time with your friends, or is it more because it's a time when you can forget about your circumstances?
Divorce separation and marital relationships have a huge impact on people in the corporate world, especially on their productivity and how they are relating to people, and it has a massive effect on their teams, because somebody who is normally quite productive, suddenly becomes quite unproductive.