Amal Alamuddin

From Pippa Middleton to Elizabeth Olsen, celebrity sisters are having a moment right now and we think we've just found our
Someone who is extremely familiar with the consumption of humble pie is David Cameron. In September the Prime Minister was
Amal Alamuddin Clooney has just accidentally reignited this great debate, after changing her surname. Putting aside the usual dirge of how its every woman's dream to be Mrs Clooney (it's not), she's a fantastic example of how a strong, successful female role model can change her name and it not mean that she is passively submitting to her husband's will.
When 'Downton Abbey' viewers rub their eyes and realise it is, it really is, George Clooney in the drawing room of their
Stylish women aren't those who slavishly follow fashion, and wouldn't be seen sporting the latest trends. On the contrary, they are women who knows what suits them, and opt for fashion that wills stand the test of time.
George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are reportedly enjoying a romantic honeymoon in Britain. Now, we know what you’re thinking
Amal Alamuddin looked like she was born to be a bride when she wed George Clooney. Resplendent in Oscar de la Renta. The human rights lawyer looked undeniably chic and stylish. If you like the idea of following in her footsteps, it is important to think chic, understated and classic. Like The Duchess of Cambridge, lace played an important part in Amal's wedding dress.
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Not only did she look incredibly beautiful in her dress, but she oozed sophistication. What I loved so much about her bridal look is its timeless quality. Her wedding style also reminded me of The Duchess of Cambridge, ladylike, and serene.
The first official photos from George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s wedding have been revealed, on the cover of two magazines