amanda byram

Millions of women have literally decided to freeze themselves in time, by injecting poison into their faces. So, in an age where the poison needle is rampant in foreheads everywhere, I set out on a mission to discover the anti-botox. It's a new (anti) age and I'm calling it NO-TOX!
Given our knowledge on sugar addiction why would a MASSIVE million pound company feel the need to create something like this aimed AT CHILDREN? More money less morals perhaps, but at whose expense? I can almost guarantee you the big boss at these companies eats his homemade granola and protein rich eggs for breakfast instead.
Remember, cellulite has nothing to do with your size, you can be thin with cellulite too! It's all about the stuff you put into and onto your body. Start doing some of the things I suggest, and I promise you will save yourself a fortune on those silly creams AND be healthier at the same time!
Protein has had the rep of bulking you up, but that is because if you were to listen to body builders they eat huge amounts of protein - this is due to protein turnover - they need OODLES of protein to keep up with the amount they burn.
Superfoods have garnered lots of buzz in the press over the past couple of years. The words may evoke images of food wearing a Superman cape. This range of foods certainly has the powers of Superman, but not a trace of Kryptonite in sight! So, what's all the buzz about? Here's my guide to Superfoods.
It's time to talk about FAT! The three ­letter word we seem to have learned to hate! It has such negative connotations, and we have been programmed into avoiding it at all costs BUTTTTTT there are GOOD fats as well as BAD. And these good fats can actually HELP you to lose weight!!
In this video I talk about a very popular and sometimes confusing topic. CARBS! I explain the difference between simple and complex carbs aka fast and slow. I also explains the do's and don'ts of adding this vital nutrient into your diet and why TOWIES 'No carbs before Marbs' motto is NOT the long term answer to your best body.
I wrote this blog, because so many women have been asking me if I can help them to change from someone who is eternally seeking to be "thin", trying every fad diet, wasting their lives looking for the next "skinny" fix, and are miserable in the meantime. They want to know how they can lose that mindset and get healthy and strong instead...
Stepping into Borgo is like stepping into an episode of Game of Thrones...It boasts oodles of cloisters, bountiful high ceilings and sweeping staircases. A noble house in itself, it may be large, but there is a sense of regality and exclusivity here. The biggest dilemma you will face here is whether you are want to be a member of the Baratheon, Lannister, or Stark family.
Brunette beauty Amanda started off her working life as a model, before taking the TV world by storm, presenting shows such as The Big Breakfast and Liquid News. She has since progressed to American TV and hosted the reality TV series Paradise Hotel and The Swan.