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The fanfare announcement by Amazon that they have recently made their first successful delivery by drone to a customer in the UK, whilst it provided valuable pre-Christmas publicity for Amazon and its Prime Air delivery service, should not be allowed to hide some serious issues
Amazon has revealed some crucial details which explain how its off-the-wall Prime Air drone delivery service will actually
DHL will become the first delivery company to introduce a drone delivery service. The drone will be sending medical supplies
With all these drones heading into the sky there's surprisingly little regulation in place for managing them. READ MORE: Google
Amazon's at this point largely hypothetical plan to replace truck deliveries with a fleet of robotic drones might have already
Amazon's plan to deliver packages with an implausible fleet of robotic drones has already been super-ceded. By owls. Bookseller
Amazon claims it will experiment with delivering products via unmanned drones. The news - timed nicely, and not coincidentally