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Jack Fincham was one of the first people to share their joy at the couple's triumph.
Is it even an episode of Love Island without someone cracking a "chaldish" joke?
Joanna says she and Amber had a great relationship, despite having fellow Islander Michael Griffiths in common.
Amber Gill’s best friend Martin Tweedy explains why it takes way more than just sharing some posts on Twitter and Instagram.
Amber's firefighter ex has claimed he still has feelings for her.
Joanna was watching the ITV2 show along at home, and had some things to get off her chest on Instagram.
Michael ordered his ex to "sit down" before telling her he was no longer interested in her.
Michael's toxic choice to blame Amber for his decision to recouple with Joanna has to be called out for what it is, says writer Rosie Munshi
Nearly 200 people have contacted the regulator over Tuesday night's episode.
The pair were not happy when Danny and Arabella shared their first kiss just moments after Yewande had left the villa.