American culture

There's a reason the Oxford English Dictionary and others update their contents several times a year and announce, with increasing fanfare, their new additions. In 2016 the OED added over a thousand new words, including bathroom stall, cheerlead, team-oriented and yoga pants - all of which sound decidedly American.
The EDM parties I play are like American culture on steroids (or 'Molly' as Madonna apparently calls it). American youth is out in its untamed force... in the wild! A sea of happy faces swimming in an ocean of bright neon fabric under an LED sky.
I need a drink but in this country where everyone is happily killing themselves with sugar, fat and salt I'm having a real problem buying a nasty glass of wine, let alone a spicy cocktail. Can you believe it?
Needless to say, my experience of camp was nothing like Moonrise Kingdom. So where does this distinctive tradition come from and why, historically, do we not practised it in the UK?
You may wonder "Are these Americans themselves aware of their behaviour?" I think that is the problem. Awareness of how personal actions impact others seems to be a weak point for Americans in general. This translates to the perceived ignorant persona Americans abroad present.
Normally I wouldn't recommend Britain invading any nation, let alone one with nuclear weapons and a population of heavily armed Fox News viewers. This drastic course of action is not for the sake of freeing a people from the tyranny of nihilistic capitalism, but in order to save Britain from itself.
Politics provides one of the most vivid and telling measures of how wide the Atlantic really is. It is not just that the point of gravity in America is so much further to the right, such that David Cameron would be considered by many Americans as 'socialistic' just for his support of the National Health Service. It is that ideas and beliefs that would be thought daft in Britain are part of mainstream discourse in the US.