American exceptionalism

NEW YORK -- Tea Party members are a nationalistic patriotic bunch, defending the heartland from the scourge of Keynesian
On his first overseas trip as president in 2009, Barack Obama was asked by a foreign journalist whether he subscribed to American exceptionalism, the idea that America has a unique role to champion freedom and democracy...
The notion of cultural Americanization begs a related question: is America an exceptional country? Clearly, the United States military can transport troops and resources at a scale and speed that no other country can match. Moreover, domestic crises at home, including bi-partnership disputes and financial instability, have repercussions all over the world.
The Ronald Reagan Centennial Banquet on Monday night at Guild Hall was a glorious celebration. And yet, for this American, there was one glaring problem. It seemed so small, so wrong, so characteristic of the Obama Administration.