Amy Winehouse's timeless appeal has helped director Asif Kapadia to his second BAFTA award for Best Documentary. 'Amy' took
For the average stage school starstruck teenager, Amy should be mandatory viewing. If nothing else, it would serve as a stark reminder of the perils of mass popularity. Like a packet of cigarettes, this movie needs to come with a health warning attached.
The journey begins, the seductive voice of a pure jazz artist, a voice made for small jazz clubs, the success of the album Frank and Back To Back. The essence of the film is the songs and it was a brilliant touch to put the lyrics on screen as subtitles which echo the very personal nature of her songs.
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Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband has sensationally claimed that the singer didn’t sign her own divorce papers when the couple split
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PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Amy Winehouse may have a new tribute song from Green Day. The pop punk trio debuted the track, titled
I hope people can give it time, and allow Amy Winehouse to be judged on more honest terms. She deserves to be remembered as a great talent. But it could be too late for any honest judgement.