Anand Menon

Joining Arj Singh and Rachel Wearmouth, Labour MP Rosie Duffield and the UK In A Changing Europe’s Anand Menon run the rule over a tumultuous start to the new year, consider whether Brexit is really ‘done’ and ask whether Britain could one day rejoin the EU.
Brexit talks were on, then off, then back on again after another crunch week of negotiations passed without Boris Johnson or the EU deciding to compromise and get a deal, or go for no deal. The prime minister’s dinner in Brussels with Ursula von der Leyen failed to break the deadlock and fears of no deal are rising with just weeks left until the end of the transition. Joining Arj Singh and Paul Waugh, Anand Menon of the UK In A Changing Europe think-tank and Maddy Thimont-Jack of the Institute for Government try to read the tea leaves and work out where the country is heading after Christmas, and what it means for the PM. Make sense of politics. Sign up to the Waugh Zone and get the political day in a nutshell every weekday evening.
Arj Singh and Paul Waugh, Anand Menon from UK In A Changing Europe and Tory MP Andy Carter take a look at the week in Westminster as Brexit and the pandemic's resurgence give a sense of history repeating itself.
The political implications of a no deal outcome threaten to be every bit as significant as its economic fallout, Anand Menon and Jonathan Portes write.
For both Covid-19 and Brexit, pressure from within the prime minister's party runs against the public mood, Anand Menon and Alan Wager write.
A week after Brexit and Boris Johnson has outlined a tough opening position for trade negotiations by talking up an Australia-style relationship, but does it mean anything? It’s hard for journalists to really take a look with the government taking a Trumpian turn by trying to lock out critical media from a key briefing this week. Meanwhile, Labour’s leadership election lets the prime minister run amok in the party’s former strongholds. Arj Singh is joined by Paul Waugh, Rachel Wearmouth and UK In A Changing Europe’s Anand Menon to work out what comes next for Britain.
Disclaimer: We recorded this just a couple of hours before Boris Johnson Boris Johnson called for a December 12 snap election - but still contains loads of great chat about whether a Christmas snap poll is a good idea for the Tories and Labour! MPs have backed Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal in principle, but refused to allow it go through the Commons in time for October 31 deadline agreed with the EU. Time for an election then? The PM wants one, but who will it favour? Arj Singh and Rachel Wearmouth are joined by Conservative MP Bim Afolami and Anand Menon, director of the UK In A Changing Europe think-tank, to talk over another dramatic week in Westminster.
With an election looming, destabilising the prime minister might not be in the best interests of the Conservative party, UK in a Changing Europe director Anand Menon writes.
David Cameron promised an all-out assault on poverty. Theresa May spoke of the “burning injustices” blighting society. But there was no improvement, Anand Menon and Matt Bevington write.
Simply walking away with no-deal and sorting the details out later won’t allow us to address the issues the 2016 referendum taught us are in dire need of being heard, Anand Menon writes.