The museum's website has no imagery of the east end women or the victims of the Ripper "We certainly don’t glorify or glamourise
U2 frontman Bono has recalled the moment he was chased down the street by anarchists wielding placards and shouting “Make
A headteacher reported one of his students to the police and rang up the pupil's prospective university to warn of his "anarchic
What is dangerous about Kurlander's article, is the unfounded ammunition it provides for the state to continue vilification and harassment of anarchists. Kurlander argues that by calling the Boston bombing "terrorism" it frames it "as an act of war," allowing "the federal government to violate and decrease our constitutional rights and individual liberties in the name of fighting terrorism." The sad irony is that his article contributes to the State's efforts to do exactly that based on a political belief.
In the early hours of 28 February 2012, the bailiffs and the police moved in on the Occupy LSX camp at St Paul's Cathedral. Several small skirmishes and several arrests later, the camp is gone. I was not there - I am not a news photographer - but I do feel a sort of sadness.
LAND close to St Paul's Cathedral remains occupied by a group of anarchists who show no signs of abandoning the camp first
Many Christians have fallen for this oddly popular myth: that a system that recognises people won't willingly do the right thing by the poor and so finds structural means of redistributing wealth is somehow naïve.