It is often said that the descendants of immigrants who hail from unfamiliar cultures are condemned to exist in the hinterlands of society, belonging nowhere, forever in search of a tangible identity to call their own.
Without more respect in the genealogy community the popularity of genealogy will begin to crash and burn, the growth will stop, and the buzz will cease. To me it is simple .... Far more folks in genealogy need to be respectful and accepting of anyone's, and everyone's, reasons for undertaking their genealogy, ancestral studies, and pursuit of their family history.
Involving the younger generations in family history is not magic. Let's take my answer apart and look at its three features to create our next generation of family history fans!
While Peter was helping me with a substantial family will from the mid 1800s, he noted that one of my ancestors named as an heir in the will was a Reverend. He casually suggested that I might want to investigate the website for the Church of England Clergy.
I have encountered many pundits screaming the demand that all genealogy MUST be shared, open, and available to all (no, it does not). Funny they never care about the quality of what gets shared. I encountered many others just screaming anything in an effort to simply grow the pool of potential money for themselves.
Many of us who love and labor over our family histories, ancestry, and genealogy do so from a home office. In my case, early
So I suggest that we never try and stay the same. We shouldn't try and go back to some older time. We must embrace change because change IS inevitable. At least to me, it is far better to acclimate to changes in the world than to be left in the dust of antiquated processes and thinking.
Welcome back! I am Scott Phillips of Onward To Our Past® genealogy services and this is the third in my series of four articles
Hi everyone! This is edition number two of my four-part series on my 'Real World' tips for those of us who love and enjoy working on our family history, ancestry, and genealogy. My goal is to keep my tips easy and inexpensive!
If you have spent much time working on your family history and/or genealogy, then you know there is a popular saying as follows: "Genealogy without proof is mythology."