andreas lubitz

The Germanwings co-pilot who caused the crash which killed 150 people was referred to a psychiatric clinic two weeks before
Doctors who treated the co-pilot who crashed a Germanwings jet felt he was unfit to fly, but were unable to share this information
The Germanwings co-pilot thought to have deliberately caused the French Alps plane disaster "rehearsed" his plan on an earlier
When a Germanwings Airbus 320 crashed into the French Alps killing everyone on board last month, prosecutors say the flight’s
French prosecutors believe co-pilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately steered the plane into the Alps, killing everyone on board
This is the first picture of the Germanwings captain who desperately tried to prevent his co-pilot from deliberately crashing
New information surrounding the medical treatment of Germanwings crash co-pilot Andreas Lubitz has been released. According
German prosecutors say the co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 appears to have researched suicide methods and cockpit door
As a psychiatrist I often send reports to occupational health departments based on my risk assessment. I found myself last week asking would I have pulled this pilot's license based on my assessment? And the honest answer is no.
Video that purportedly shows the final moments of the Germanwings flight, including people screaming just as before it crashed