Andrew Lansley

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Every politician has a make-or-break moment - that pivotal time in which they must either step up to the plate and prove their worth, or slink back into the partisan sludge from whence they came. Well, this has been Mr Hunt's turn to step up to the plate - and he's completely whiffed it.
It is surprising that the Conservative MP Andrew Lansley, who was removed from his role as health secretary in Britain after such a disastrous tenure, is David Cameron's top choice for a role will be dealing with such an intimidating to-do list.
Public health minister Jane Ellison has said that the Government no longer has "day-to-day control" of the NHS and compared
MPs will leave the Commons for almost three weeks on Wednesday despite the looming international crisis in Ukraine, provoking
Conservative MPs are pushing to change the law around the labelling of halal and kosher meat amid a growing row that has
Tory minister Andrew Lansley has reportedly claimed £6,000 in London hotel bills despite the fact he owns a home in the capital
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One of the most shocking statistics relating to children in our country is the fact that five lives under the age of 14 would be saved each day if our record on child mortality was the best in Europe - that's the equivalent of 1600 avoidable child deaths a year; a truly startling figure.
The government has rejected calls for MPs to be given a vote on the deployment of armed forces personel to Mali and west