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The great news is that Knock Knock is an entirely optional feature - you can turn it off. That said, the fact it exists at all shows that companies like Google, Apple, Facebook continue to create services and features for perfect humans despite the fact we're all secretly terrible people.
WhatsApp has unveiled a raft of new features for its Android users and one of them is really rather rude. The middle-finger
While keyboards are useful, Google sees them as just one in an ever-increasing portfolio of input methods. For many, trying
With millions of apps on both iOS and Android it's easy to forget that hidden away -- in what we can only imagine as a metaphorical
The many benefits that cycling offers to a person's health have long been touted: regular cycling has been shown to reduce
You're at a party, or you're out in town and you have a spare five minutes while your mate is in the toilet, the immediate
Apps are big business, whether you're offering users a cab ride in two taps or the ability to send self-destructing photo-messages, valuations of anything up to $20bn show their huge potential. With YPlan's second birthday fast approaching, here are a few tips for how to build your own world class app.
Ansa is a messaging app that lets you delete messages even after they've been sent providing the perfect solution to those
Forgot that you locked your baby in a stifling hot car? Need to be reminded before that baby literally dies? There's an app
Starbucks could soon be letting you pay for a whole lot more than coffee with its official Starbucks app as the brand is