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Wherever you've moved to, be it somewhere in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa or Oceania, you're guaranteed to have an incredible adventure, but there may be some surprises along the way. Breaking the language barrier and staying in touch with family and friends are two such challenges that you might face on a regular basis.
Each day we are getting closer to realising the full potential of Android and all the limitless possibilities it has to enhance the quality of our lives. Let's start with the wonderful tablets being launched from all corners of the world...
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We all know that battery life is an important aspect of portable gadgets, especially for mobiles and tablets. However, the hardware manufacturers are not the only people responsible for maximizing your smartphone or tablet's battery life.
Bad parking is on par with aggressively standing on the left on a Tube escalator, drinking out of the milk carton at work
The best apps of 2012 were announced last night in London.
One of the all-time great YouTube viral videos, 'Charlie Bit My Finger' has stepped into the world of apps, which offers
Do you dare to find out how smart you really are? Mensa's new brain test mobile phone app for Android, BlackBerry and Windows