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Despite the constant rumours that Google will finally make Android Wear compatible with iOS, the fact remains that at present
Making a Moto 360 talk to your iPhone might seem like a pipe dream but the truth is that as we've seen in our own conversations
Don't get me wrong the Apple Watch launch hasn't passed me by. I've keenly followed the rumours, buildup and release of Apple's shiny new toy and there are many features that I ohh and ahh over.
Smart watches have been around for a couple of years but now that Apple are involved wearable tech is about to go mainstream. But this presents a major problem - it is currently perfectly legal to drive a car whilst using a smart watch, and yet they are more dangerous to use when driving than a handheld phone.
Apple Watch apps could be restricted to just 10 seconds of use if Apple's strict design guidelines are followed. Bloomberg
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LG has unveiled a 4G-enabled smartwatch that allows you to use all the features of a smartphone without actually needing
Android smartwatch sales haven't exactly set the world alight. But with the Apple Watch is still a month or so away from
A new analysis of smart watch sales suggests that if it really is the ‘year of the wearable’, it’s only Apple that will make
Smart watches including the not-yet-released Apple Watch have been banned from University of London exam halls. The full