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Angelina Jolie Pitt has revealed she has undergone surgery to remove her ovaries and Fallopian tubes after possible early
Within the whirlwind that was the first two weeks of my sister being diagnosed she was informed about being tested for the gene mutations BRCA one and two. As my mum had also died reasonably young from the disease and we had reason to believe it was on both her mother and fathers side of the family it seemed very possible that the gene resided in our family.
Angelina Jolie has revealed she is to undergo further preventative surgery after being told she was at high risk of being
Beth took off her clothes and allowed herself to be photographed by her long-time friend and photographer Nadia Mascot for a project they are calling Under The Red Dress. In a bid to educate women about breast cancer. In a bid to start a conversation about how cancer surgeries change your body and the way you feel about yourself.
Jemma Barnes What is the biggest change for women? The main adjustment is getting used to something that doesn’t have an
Actor and singer Billy Bob Thornton has given an extraordinary indication of how close he still is to his ex-wife Angelina
Actress Angelina Jolie's aunt has died from breast cancer, less than two weeks after the star had a double mastectomy to
How daring, really, is Angelina Jolie's decision to write about her recent operation? Is she really rebelling against celebrity culture or conforming to it? I think it's the latter
Brad Pitt has praised his partner Angelina Jolie for her "heroic" choice in opting for a double mastectomy, to reduce her
Angelina Jolie has had a preventive double mastectomy, writing for the New York Times that she is "very happy" with the decision