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Today the church welcomes the beginning of the season of Lent by marking Ash Wednesday. Across the world, Christians will
This past week has not been an easy one for the Church of England. The debates around sexuality and how the Church should
The Anglican Church splitting over the issue of gay marriage "would not be a disaster" but it would be a "failure", the Archbishop
The Church of England is entering "a completely new phase of our existence" after the appointment of women bishops was approved
The Anglican Communion is facing battling deep internal divisions that may not be overcome, as well as external attacks on
Elizabeth OldfieldDirectorTheos There is a tradition as long as Christianity itself of the "turbulent priest", of bishops
The Anglican Church has installed the first woman bishop in the UK and Ireland. The Rev Pat Storey, 53, former rector of
The Church is "one generation away from extinction," he declares. The reality is less dramatic, but the story is not altogether wrong. Young adults in Britain are far less likely than their parents and grandparents to have a religious identity. The Church of England in particular has been squeezed hard by the trend away from religion.
Churches are not only of interest to worshippers, just as Titian is not only of interest to lovers of Greek mythology. They are the physical expression, in stone and mortar, of Britain's communal past, built not only by the wealthy but also by ordinary local people.
The Church of England tried to put a brave face on it but the Anglican church attendance figures for 2011 published this week pose a serious challenge for any church defending its position as the national, established, top religious organisation.