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The country's senior bishops are set to tweet their Christmas Day sermons for the first time this year in a Christmas Tweet
There were flowers, hugs and two prolonged standing ovations at the General Synod today for the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury
MPs and campaigners have called for bishops to be thrown out of the House of Lords after the Church of England voted to retain
Justin Welby, the former oil executive who opposes gay marriage, has been confirmed as the next Archbishop of Canterbury
Anglican Mainstream's attack on the LGBT community should be consigned to obscurity, but it hasn't been. As Parliaments in Westminster and Edinburgh debate gay marriage, we can expect some religious groups to become increasingly shrill and increasingly dishonest.
The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney has today caused outrage in his defence of a controversial decision to change the wording
If the Church of England doesn't accept gay marriage- where does it leave the thousands of gay Anglicans in same sex partnerships who want to get married?
2009: A post-coital Joseph lying in bed with Mary, with the tagline "Poor Joseph. God was a touch act to follow." 2011: Virgin
The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned of "more outbreaks of futile anarchy" like this summer's riots unless the Government
Anglican bishops have called for the government to drop its plans to cap benefits at £500 per week for families, saying that