Angry Birds

Today the Angry Birds are a little bit angrier. The characters that have become a worldwide gaming phenomenon are flapping even more furiously because 58million children are not in school and learning. Rovio Entertainment, the Finnish creator of Angry Birds, has added a huge boost to the #UpFor School campaign by launching a new tournament where players are asked to sign the petition going to global leaders. It demands that every child has the right to go to school and already has the support of seven million people worldwide.
Through the use of motion capture and voice recognition technology, Sony hope to make advertising on television interactive and 'playable.' One such example in their patent proposal is a suggested advert for McDonalds, in which the user is prompted to say the word 'McDonalds' before the ad will disappear and viewing can resume.
The Problem? You've bought yourself an iPad and already the kids are beginning to eye it up. There's a risk though, which
When we think of apps, Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds might first spring to mind. Many of us consider apps to be the perfect tool to indulge our playful sides and certainly not something that should be encouraged during working hours. Because of this association, apps have often been perceived as things that waste employee time.
Boris Johnson made one of the most awkward admissions possible at the launch of a new tech workspace in London: he not only
The Angry Birds are "absolutely livid" following claims that the National Security Agency and GCHQ have been accessing users
British and American spy agencies use mobile phone applications such as the game Angry Birds to gain access to users' personal
I had dinner last night with a group of company executives who asked me about the best place in the world to locate the finance department of their company. This is a global organisation with thousands of people employed across the world and a finance function presently located in Western Europe.
The idea that gaming is the preserve of teenage boys and stoned students – perched on the edge of their unmade beds, huddled
You might still be in love with your iPad Mini, or looking forward to getting hold of a new Nexus 7. But what does a 'best