animal photobombs

Raising his scaly head above the waves, this majestic sea turtle ignored the giggling line of swimmers to his left to cast
"Spy on me? While I'm hanging out on a highway in São Paulo? Toucan play that game!" Of course, this nosey bird isn't the
Selfies are a dangerous pastime. You start off trying to just take a picture of yourself, and you can end up being hit by
Altogether now: say 'cheese' (or whatever it is pufferfish eat)! Yes, a series of rare images captured at night by underwater
Look who's putting the 'aww!' into 'hee-haww!' Of course, it's not the first time an animal has photobombed. Not by a long
In what could be the most terrifying photobomb of all time, two oblivious young boys were pictured next to what looks to
"Snapped this majestic shot of Machu Picchu," writes Redditor thibodeaut: Of course, this friendly llama isn't the first
We've all seen our fair share of photobombs but this cheeky horse has just raised the bar. The grinning equine clearly wanted
Office types! Bored of the desk job? Why, simply liven up your 9-5 by following Mike Whiteside's lead. Whiteside - an ad
Fish! Honestly. They're always trying to be the centre of attention. Just look at 'Finding Nemo'... and... erm... well, we're
You might argue that this is a carefully posed picture à la cat beard lady rather than a photobomb - but either way, this
If photobombing were an art, this dolphin would be a master. Just look at the careful composition of the shot, the marine
Well, our somewhat crazed looking photobombing husky went viral so we thought we'd give him another shot at hogging the limelight
UPDATE: Photobombing Husky Redux, Hairy Hound Makes Retrospective Appearances At Royal Wedding & 1966 World Cup With his
For some people, simply going to a Lady Gaga concert isn't enough. No, siree. They've got to get in on the action: Yes, bravo
Lurching out of the ocean like something out of a horror film, we reckon this publicity-seeking stingray has pulled off the
This squirrel has got a lot to answer for. Yes, ever since that cute little critter popped up by the side of a lake in Canada
Source: Caters This is the moment a sloth gatecrashed a holiday snap in the jungle. A group of youngsters on an International