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The National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest has launched and the first selection of entries have been whittled down. As a
Zoos are usually associated with family days out and opportunities to observe exotic animals without travelling too far from home. Yet if you are into photography you might also regard a zoo as a playground in which you can put your kit through its paces.
Altogether now: say 'cheese' (or whatever it is pufferfish eat)! Yes, a series of rare images captured at night by underwater
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Forced ashore by the disappearance of Arctic sea ice over their feeding areas, an estimated 10,000 Pacific walrus have been
This squirrel has got a lot to answer for. Yes, ever since that cute little critter popped up by the side of a lake in Canada
Sometimes art does good things. Beautiful things. Things which transport you into another world, stimulating parts of your
When it comes to amusing animal pictures on the internet, you may think that lolcats have got it all sewn up. But, oh no