Japan is currently doing Batman better than America.
Although it might have been a dream sequence. Maybe.
Cosplayers have a right to expression in their 'play' but they should wear their costumes with an awareness of the history and social implications attached.
My grandmother used to rent this film for me over and over, I think she just wanted to watch it herself, to be honest. But
Let's be frank. I will not deny that I've been fervently following the same Japanese anime series for 10 years: "Detective
Possibly the most Marmite band around release eponymous debut June 1. Internet gives up, goes home. Verdict: 8/10 I'll cut
We need to ask ourselves why is it that animation studios in the west do not take risks like they do in Japan.
Attention please! Stop what you're doing and gather round! We've just found our new favourite thing in the whole wide world